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Day Trading System: Anticipation Move

An Anticipation Move is essentially when the market anticipates what will happen and makes the moves before the Market Pattern Forecast suggests it will. The reverse may be the case where the Market Pattern Forecast will move before the market does.

When you view the Market Pattern Forecast before the trading day begins, you will get an idea of the anticipated direction of the trends during the day, up or down. At times big reversals happen before the Map suggests they will happen. As a trader you have been alerted to the possibility of a reversal in the market via the Market Pattern Forecast and you are ready for it.

An example of an "Anticipation Move" is provided on the chart of the Dow, which is a fantastic day-trading instrument which is very popular with spreadbetters and emini futures traders.

The chart below shows the Market Pattern Forecast for the Dow. It shows a slightly lower open, followed by a quick bounce, followed by a big drop. This is followed by a higher move for the next couple of hours.

The actual price performance shows how the Dow opens slightly lower, followed by a big move higher. The blue bars show the Market Pattern Forecast and the red line the actual price performance. The big turn is alerted on the blue line from lower to higher prices. However, the blue line turns back down again some 10 minutes before the red line, the real market, turns. This alerted the Market Pattern Forecast user to the potential of a reversal. The blue line was ANTICIPATING the turn a little sooner than the actual market turned.

Dow Jones Anticipation Pattern

Below are comments on a day where an "Anticipation Move" occurred, by one of our clients:

Anticipation move example

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